What's CQ?

CQ is the ability to create, contribute to and harness the power within networks of people and relationships

Fire fighters, Emergency Room units, and sports teams mention ‘CQ experiences’ a lot. They are very often great examples of 'high CQ teams' . Members speak about the entire team acting as one, almost as if they had tapped into a ‘group mind’, or a ‘collaborative force field’. This typically enables participants to coordinate their actions closely with everyone else.

People also refer to the experience accessing intelligence beyond their own. As if they are augmented by something outside of themselves. These extreme experiences of collaboration are examples of high CQ . While these circumstances may be exceptional, CQ is not limited to these extraordinary circumstances, in other words CQ can be developed within any group of people. This is what CQ Tools ™ developed were for.

Several million ants sharing a colony do a better job collaboratively, than we do in most of our organizations. Unprecedented levels of connection via the internet and intranets have, as yet to be transformed into unprecedented levels of collaboration. Although technology is an incredibly useful tool, collaborative intelligence is fundamental quantified by what human can and will do together, rather than what a piece of software will allow them to do (because there is no guarantee they will).

  • CQ is a systemic intelligence that emerges as we come to realize individually that ‘we are all in this together’
  • CQ is a set of capabilities, everyone has them; in most part they are simply not expressed or accessed as much as they can be
  • CQ can be expanded and strengthened through specific processes

The future is bright because there is a growing awareness of the deeper levels of connection that exist between all human beings. This is just as true for business. People are becoming more systemically aware. For the first time in human history the average North American has access to information showing them the connection between something going on the other side of the planet and their own spending habits for instance.

What’s the Difference Between IQ, EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and CQ (Collaborative Intelligence )?

 Based upon how the mind works
 Based upon how the mind works with emotions
 Based upon how many minds
work togehter
 Solving individual problems with logic
 Solving problems with emotional self-mastery
 Solving problems with intense
participation & full engagement
 Some people rate more highly than others
 People can develop greater levels of EQ
 Everyone has the same level of
CQ available to them should they to access it

What can CQ do for my team?

The Conference Board of Canada claims that by the year 2015 North American business will be ‘missing’ 10 million workers. Having insufficient staff to fulfill customer requirements can be just as damaging to the bottom line as not having enough customers. So the game has changed the businesses that will thrive over the foreseeable future, will be those who can attract the right number and quality of employees rather than simply more customers.

  • Attract and retain high quality team members
  • Create a sense of meaningful participation
  • Collaborate in highly effective ways
  • Connect to a strong sense of purpose
  • Balance leadership and followship

What are ‘CQ Tools ™’?

CQ Tools are processes that enable people to grow the CQ that is lying in wait to be developed. In many cases CQ processes can be used just as easily with virtual teams as with ‘terrestrial’ teams, indeed technology offers many ways to accelerate how CQ is expressed.