About The Book


A new book, “Teaching an Anthill to Fetch – Developing Collaborative Intelligence @ Work,” provides a practical outline for developing collaborative intelligence within business teams.  This book is also about treating people fairly and employee motivation.

An anthill can survive and feed itself in some of the most hostile environments. No single ant knows how it all works – nor does it need to. Individually ants are pretty dumb creatures, collectively they are very smart. Human beings, on the other hand, are individually very smart and collectively, well….

In the environment we live in today, never has our ability to ‘pull together’ been more important or more challenged. Developing ways of collaborating becomes a game everyone needs to play. Collaborative Intelligence (or CQ ) exists in all groups and is defined as the harnessed intelligence and energy of networks of people. Highly successful organizations are those with the most collaboratively intelligent teams – this is no accident.

‘Teaching an Anthill to Fetch’ was written by accomplished business consultant and professional speaker Stephen James Joyce and provides a practical outline of how to develop collaborative intelligence within groups, teams and organizations. The desired result is the development of 'high CQ teams'.  At the end of each chapter there are CQ Tools – exercises that enable the reader to explore the skills that develop ‘CQ’. The reader may also wish to visit the 'Getting Clever Together' blog.

In this unique book we explore:

•    Why CQ (collaborative intelligence) is just as valuable as IQ.
•    What ants, baboons and bacteria can teach us about collaborative intelligence (CQ)
•    What treating people fairly and employee motivation has got to do with CQ
•    How to install a powerful sense of purpose into teams and organizations.
•    The importance of ‘getting clever together’ in a rapidly changing environment.