About The Author

Stephen’s first address was to a large group by anyone’s standards; 40,000. However at the tender age of 12 he realized that chickens are a tough audience. Inspiring them to change their lives was very hard work. Though he often wonders where those who did listen to him are now.

Stephens’s passion is Collaborative Intelligence’ (CQ). CQ is defined as the ability to create, contribute to, and harness the power of relationships and networks of relationships. IQ and EQ (Emotional Intelligence) are necessary but not sufficient to deal with the society and business world in which we live. Increasingly CQ determines who ‘thrives and who dives’.

On a 22 acre farm in the middle of no where Stephen discovered early on, ‘that an ounce of skill out weighs a pound of knowledge’. For that very reason he weighs every word carefully for each of his presentations. Stephen comes from a long line of story-tellers. In Ireland it is a national sport after all. But everything wasn’t sweetness and light as he grew up during the ‘troubles’ in early 70’s Northern Ireland. The farm he grew up on was situated in the so-called ‘murder triangle’. Political violence was an everyday reality. Although the Irish were a bright (and handsome) people, they had very poor collaborative intelligence. This was where Stephen’s fascination with what enables people to ‘get-on’ was born.

An accomplished author, speaker and business consultant Stephen has been consulting for over ten years in; health care, pharmaceuticals, non-profit, professional associations, education, and government. He is the founder and principle of Zenergy PD and acts as the resilience content expert for one of Canada’s largest health authorities. For over a quarter of a century Stephen has been researching the dynamics of change, problem resolution, group dynamics, and his greatest passion: collaborative intelligence. Extensively trained in NLP, facilitation, improv, and group dynamic techniques, Stephen engages his audiences in carefully customized and ‘one-off’ events that bring each participant deeply into the topic. His mantra for facilitating the learning experience is that ‘skill is only a rumor until it reaches a muscle’.

Despite his busy speaking schedule Stephen manages to stay ahead of the curve with ‘all things collaborative’. He is also the author of ‘Teaching an Anthill to Fetch: Developing the Collaborative Intelligence of Teams’ and numerous published articles on collective intelligence, communication and advanced adult learning techniques.

Just as importantly for Stephen is that he is a father and husband and an active participant in his community. Stephen serves on several boards associated with socio economic development and is a staunch advocate of the triple bottom line as a path towards a sustainable society.

Professional Affiliations

  • CSTD: Canadian Society for Training & Development (Past Vice-President of Chapter)
  • CFCW: Community Futures Center West (board member)
  • CAPS: Calgary Association of Professional Speakers (Past board member)
  • CANLP: Canadian Association of Neurolingistic Programming (past board member and editor of professional newsletter)
  • UKSMA: UK Stress Management Association (past board member)


Little Know Facts about Stephen

A little known fact about Stephen is that at one point in his life he managed to run himself over with his own car. Not a great idea granted, but you must give him some points for sheer inventiveness.

When he was a child his best friend was a paraplegic pig called Herbie to whom he told all his darkest secrets, unfortunately Herbie was taken to market when Stephen was at school one day and was never seen again.

In 1982 while at university, Stephen held the UK ‘Guinness Book of Record’ record for the most live earth worms eaten in 6o seconds (this was way before the days of Fear Factor). Stephen claims he did it to raise money for charity and that he had the written permission of every last worm.

Stephen James Joyce B.Sc CTC